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Manga Vanilla Taste

바닐라 테이스트

Synopsis Vanilla Taste

A third-generation chaebol with a handsome appearance that makes everyone look back, Do Hajun, my childhood friend who is strangely flawless. Shin Sodam is secretly in love with Do Hajun, “What’s wrong with him? So he wanted to do it with me?” “I didn’t even expect this… .” While trying hard to amend his heart, in his last year of college life, he discovered Do Hajun’s big secret through an accident. “I can’t do it without you.” “Sodam, will you be my SM partner?” I don’t want to miss this opportunity, which may end my long unrequited love for a while. Regretting that I accepted it because of the atmosphere, I accepted his proposals. And is SM play surprisingly worth trying… ? However, the longer the night I spend with Do Hajun, the more secrets behind that smile are gradually revealed… Was this guy originally like this?
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