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Manga Priscilla’s Marriage Proposal

La demande en mariage de Priscilla, Pricilla'eui Gyeolhon Eui'rwe, Priscilla's Marriage Proposal, Proposición de matrimonio de Priscilla, 프리실라의 결혼 의뢰, Priscilla's Marriage Request

Synopsis Priscilla’s Marriage Proposal

Spunky mercenary mage Priscilla Mortia sets out on her final mission: to reclaim the last 15 years of her tragic life. Using a mana stone called the Dragon Heart, she travels back in time to when her family ruled over the land. While Priscilla’s goal is to reawaken her magical powers by obtaining the Dragon Heart in the past, she must survive the sinister plots of her wicked stepmother and her elderly fiance. To aid in her quest she seeks out Kian Lustin, a renowned swordsman who once captured her heart. But why does their fateful first meeting seem strangely familiar? Can Priscilla finally gain Kian’s allegiance and claim her rightful seat as the heir to House Mortia?
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