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Manga Lost You Forever

Chang Xiang Si, Eternally Yearning For You, Miss You Forever, Thinks Deeply About One's Appearance, ้•ฟ็›ธๆ€

Synopsis Lost You Forever

Life is the encounter and separation, is the starting time and oblivion, but there are always things that once happened, will leave traces, and always have a person, once appeared, will be unforgettable. The fated meeting at the town of Qing Shui has changed the destiny of everyone, even change the destiny of Da Huang. The desire for a little warmth, a little of company, at some point decided a shattered heart. It is similar to a cup of poisoned wine, when it gets to the throat, it becomes sweet, melting hearts broken bone, and until it reaches the heart and lungs, no medicine can cure. The poison is discovered and it is paralyzing the heart and lungs. Only the smile of oneโ€™s beloved can eliminate it. If it canโ€™t, the only thing left is the engraving of missing. It wonโ€™t stop even after death. If everything is destined, when Xiao Yao and Tu Shan Jing meet, they are fated to be parted one day, fated they cannot love, and also cannot forget. Although they canโ€™t hold on to one another, at least to make themselves be unforgettable, bury everything deeply inside the heart. That gentle imprint will forever be indelible.
AuthorTong Hua
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